Outback Rabbitry

                       Welcome to Outback Rabbitry!!                            

Welcome to Outback Rabbitry!!  We have been raising show quality Mini Rex since 2008.  We are located midstate Illinois. (LaSalle, IL.)  We started our rabbitry with Tri's, Blacks, & Reds.  We are now focusing on Blacks, Brokens, Chocolates, Otters, Reds & Torts.  Occasionally we get a few REW's & Seals in our litters also. 

We have added some Holland Lops to our rabbitry also.  We bought our 1st pair Dec. 2009 & are working on getting started on them as well.

We are members of the ARBA, NMRRC, & IMRRC.


2012 ARBA Convention in Wichita, KS

BOS Broken Black Sr. Doe

BOSV Broken Sr. Doe

BOV Tort St. Doe 


BOSV Chocolate Sr. Doe

2nd place Broken Sr. Buck

4th place Black Sr. Buck